1 Brioso2 Thursday3  Released4 Candyman5 A Simple Life6 Don't Worry7 Right Outta My Hair8 A Guiding Light9 Cuban Pete10 Bound to You11 High Hopes12 Survive13 Taki Taki14 Troubled Water15 Yesterday16 G Wagon17 Uncrazy18 Impenitent19 Fefe20 J Lo Jam21 Exile: He Is Not Ours22 Brush Your Shoulder Off23 Where Did We Go24 A World Alone25 Money26 Apologize27 You Are The Reason29 Acceptance30 Pure Water31 Beckoning32 Liar33 Judo34 No Choir35 Cinderella36 Get Happy37 Near Light38 Perm39 Today